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Full tank

In a very short time, I will be shifting my life almost 180 degrees.  I will be moving from the conservative, Mormon-owned and increasingly Mormon-focused Deseret News to the liberal, independent and locally-owned City Weekly.  I will go from supervising a team of five reporters who average about 20 years of experience to supervising a similar sized group of reporters who likely do not have a combined 20 years of experience.  I will be leaving a paper owned by the corporation who is handcuffing kissing gay men on their property, and joining the paper where one of those kissing gay men work.

About the only thing not changing drastically is the location: downtown Salt Lake. The offices are within two blocks of each other, I will frequent the same coffee houses, the same sandwich shops, the same bars.  I will still ride my bike to work most days.

It’s interesting how this new job has revitalized me in a lot of ways. Among other things, I started to get the itch to write again, which I have not had in a few years.  Though that has not really translated to novels or short stories, which are my real loves, primarily because I fear I will still not have sufficient time to really gnaw on my words.  Yet I still need an outlet, so I ramped up this blog.  It’s not my first blog, but it’s my real attempt at this type of blog.

Think of this as the start of a long road trip with me.  I aim to focus on political topics of interest to the rugged individualists of the Mountain West, which is the geographic area where I mostly grew up and where I currently live.  While I work for a Salt Lake City newspaper with an intense local focus, this blog is broader than Salt Lake and politics will be loosely defined and not rigidly adhered to in every posting.

Why Route 89 for a blog title?  Pull out a map of the West and follow U.S. 89.  I grew up, for the most part, in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, which has 89 as its State Street.  I went to college in Logan, which also has 89 as its Main Street (partially).  One of my favorite places in this country is the Yellowstone/Grand Teton corridor, followed closely by Glacier N.P.  U.S. 89 gets you within striking distance of those two places, as well as other incredible areas, such as the Canyon Country of Southern Utah.  Thus, reading this blog will, in some way, be much like a road trip along the spine of the Mountain West.

As with any good road trip, the company is an important element.  Feel free to participate through comments, but do so respectfully or risk being dropped off at the next rest area.

Now, it’s time to start the car, fire up the music, crack a beer, and hit the road.  Hope you enjoy the ride.


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