Leave The City

A bike went missing today. My bike, the lock snapped on Salt Lake’s Main Street that never lacks for people. Yet, nobody saw it, or at least none of the do-nothing, meth-addicted homeless who have put downtown Salt Lake under siege admitted to have seen the bike disappear. Barring a miracle of either stupidity or laziness, […]

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Exubria Recast

Big house. Vinyl siding. Manicured lawn.  Two-car garage, maybe three.  Backyards to hide from neighbors.  Faux brick front. Pavement for miles.  Parking lots.  Stores with acreage of stuff.  Stuff to eat, stuff to build, stuff to consume, stuff to waste. Work in the city.  Drive on the interstate.  Eat in the chain.  Home.  Rinse. Repeat. […]

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