Five Takeaways from PRSA Connect

This past week, I attended the Public Relations Society of America Connect conference for internal communcators. As I’ve recenty added this responsibility to my spokesperson duties, I looked to this conference to provide some 101 on engaging employees. Overall, the conference gave what I needed. The sessions helped me better understand where principles overlap with […]

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Nixing Nicotine

The e-cigarette is touted as the healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, at least if the marketing is to believed. For at least some current e-cig users, the marketing is not a lie. Brian Anderson told the House Health and Human Services Committee Tuesday morning that the e-cigs, which are essentially inhaled shots of nicotine, have […]

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Jerry, To His Friends

J.D. Salinger’s friends recount tales of his life, proving that he was anything but a recluse.— To some people, such as City Weekly’s own Stephen Dark, J.D. Salinger had a seemingly huge impact on their teenage lives, especially with Catcher in the Rye. The book did not have that same impact on me, but it […]

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Leave The City

A bike went missing today. My bike, the lock snapped on Salt Lake’s Main Street that never lacks for people. Yet, nobody saw it, or at least none of the do-nothing, meth-addicted homeless who have put downtown Salt Lake under siege admitted to have seen the bike disappear. Barring a miracle of either stupidity or laziness, […]

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Exubria Recast

Big house. Vinyl siding. Manicured lawn.  Two-car garage, maybe three.  Backyards to hide from neighbors.  Faux brick front. Pavement for miles.  Parking lots.  Stores with acreage of stuff.  Stuff to eat, stuff to build, stuff to consume, stuff to waste. Work in the city.  Drive on the interstate.  Eat in the chain.  Home.  Rinse. Repeat. […]

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